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Do you know if your products will be successful?

It is better to spend a defined amount in market research at the beginning of the market development. Based on our experience, which information is important at the beginning of the market launch, we create a market analysis that is individually tailored to your company and product.

Gain valuable time in market development! Ensure your success with reliable market information. If you too would like to make the most of your opportunities and realize your chances in the international market, please contact us.


Opportunities and possibilities in the global market

What you will get from us

  • How big the market is.
  • How the market is developing.
  • The most significant competitors and products.
  • The most important internet links.
  • Address lists and trade show directories.
  • The right and most important trade fairs for you.
  • The most important journals and magazines.
  • What sales channels there are.
  • What price is realizable.

How we work

We create your individual market analysis on different industries and niche markets. We assess the success criteria and sales opportunities of your products based on our experience and through interviews with experts. To this end, we obtain information from a wide variety of sources such as trade journals, trade associations, databases, membership lists, trade fairs and statistical publications. Furthermore, we conduct neutral and personal interviews with industry experts and gather insider information for you.





Business Partner

Do you know if your business will be successful?

Starting a business abroad can be a complex task. We have the ability to guide our clients through the complex regulations and policies of a local country.

We have the ability to access the local political environment, foreign investment regulations, economic progress, currency valuation, demographics, product forecast for almost any country or region.

We have the skills, experience, and personnel to provide vital information and reports that can facilitate expansion into a new area.

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