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International trade is becoming increasingly complex due to rapidly changing regulations imposed by individual governments, countries or third parties. A high level of competence in quality management and risk assessment, logistics that are efficiently set up to meet growing requirements, and close proximity to our customers and partners make us a reliable trading partner. Our area of employment is the global trade of a wide variety of goods. We are available to our customers as consultants within many areas and help them import a wide variety of goods.



Efficiency along the entire logistics chain

When it comes to importing goods safely and reliably and getting them to the destination, all players involved in the transport chain must comply with complex international regulations while meeting a wide variety of customer and industry requirements.

We will help you to complete all import and customs formalities. With a comprehensive range of services, we offer you efficient service in all relevant areas.

Legal requirements & marketing

You want to market your products in Germany. We help you find the right partner. Or would you like to have your own store? We will find the right location for you, negotiate with the landlord and take care of the renovation .

Reliable staff and staff training we can arrange for you. You will receive all necessary documents, expert opinions and certificates for a successful opening. We are at your side with planning and financing.

Security & Quality

Reduce business risks

The import of goods and services is associated with special risks. However, these can be reduced with careful preparation. We provide a secure platform to facilitate the delivery of products from abroad and bridge the gap in the foreign market between buyers and sellers. We have the skills, experience, and personnel necessary to provide critical information that can facilitate expansion into a new territory. We help you manage the complexity of today’s business environment. And we build bridges in your company so that bold ideas become real value. In compliance with all legal requirements and formalities, we support you in moving forward with your project.


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Customs Service

Customs declaration and import

Proof of Preference

Certificate of Origin

Import certificate

Import certificate



Qualified experts


Creation of certificates

Patent applications

Registration of Patents

Trade Office

Registration of the Company

Tax office

Tax registration

employment exchange

Registration of employees

Trade Association

statutory accident insurance

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Registration of the trade

Chamber of Crafts

Registration of craft businesses

Partnership Register

Registration of partnership companies

Chamber of registry

Registration of certain freelancers

Health insurance

Registration of employees

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